Statements of ECC Partners

Credit Suisse AG

Dr. Stephan Murer, Global Chief Architect
Stephan Hug, Chief Architect Private Banking
Michael Pastuch, Head of Application Architecture Private Banking

"The Enterprise Computing Centre provides us as a leading financial institution, a direct opportunity to work collaboratively with research students, ETH faculty, and our industry partners to address some of the common challenges faced in the field of large scale enterprise computing. With the ECC we are offered the perfect platform upon which to advance relevant research topics. Through strong collaborative work, ETH Computer Science students are prepared for the challenges they will face in the industry, and simultaneously we extend our IT efforts towards our goals of continuous IT platform improvements and optimization.

Although the ECC as a concept is still relatively young, we have already been able to benefit from several interesting collaborative research projects, some of which have already resulted in technology changes, standards improvements, and performance gains for us as a firm. The ability to share and exchange experiences between the ECC industry partners is something we embrace openly and intend to leverage even more in future. Application of fresh and constructive ideas, diverse points of view and mindsets give us the ability to solve these research challenges constructively, comprehensively and with mutual benefit. We view this as the foundation of the ECC itself, and looking forward we are confident that these early accomplishments are indicative of further fruitful and beneficial collaborations to come."

Xilinx Inc.

Michaela Blott, Research Scientist - Team Leader

The Xilinx Labs have been participating in the ECC since 2012, collaborating intensively with the Systems Group at ETH. Our joint effort focuses in the area of data centers and the acceleration of applications found therein through FPGAs. The experience is so far a resounding success with both teams complementing each other exceptionally well and us benefiting from the Systems Group’s extensive and deep know-how in the areas of data bases and storage systems. As part of our cooperation with the Systems Group, we have taken up several students for internships in the Xilinx Labs in Dublin, Ireland. The students have so far performed beyond our expectations and have contributed above and beyond what was expected of them to the design and development of prototypes, always providing creative solutions along the way.

Furthermore, the ECC has provided us with a forum for interaction with select industrial partners with orthogonal backgrounds, which provides a unique environment, fostering interdisciplinary exchanges, which provide invaluable insights into diverse vantage points and enable brainstorming engineering solutions for the next generation of industry challenges.